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*Country Graphics Angel Policy*

I allow the sharing of new creations created with my graphics

Every graphic collection now listed on my website falls under this Angel Policy

1. Use the graphics to create something new for personal or commercial use
(no license required)

These graphics must be incorporated into something new that you have
created yourself. They cannot be re-sold as the original graphics you receive
within other graphic collections (including blank, uncustomized siggys and avatars,
psp tubes, and formats that are transparent.) These graphics may not be used in
any type of mass production, and when using in digital scrapbook kits, they must be
merged/flattened onto something else (such as a frame, tag, or background paper.)
They may not be used AS the original graphic to create scrapbook kits for the purpose
of resale. My graphics/printables cannot be used on items/patterns/projects sold when
mass produced, such as the gift and greeting card industry. You may not share or
redistribute my graphics in any manner, including but not limited to using email,
newsgroups, message boards, electronic storage/retrival systems, EBay or any
type of graphic group (i.e., YahooGroups).

2. Give proper credit.

Credit for the artwork should be stated as "________created using artwork
by Grandma George" on all web pages and packaging where these designs are
displayed...and a link should be provided to

3. Copyright.

Be advised I retain the copyright to all of these images/graphics/printables, at all times.

4. Right to Modify.

I reserve the right to modify this Angel Policy at any time without prior written notice.


Disclaimer: These graphics have been brought to you in good faith.
I have no control over the physical conditions surrounding the application
of my graphics as presented. I disclaim liability for any untoward results.


Susan Colton
Country Homespun Graphics by Grandma George

Copyright Susan Colton, 1997- Present
Worldwide rights reserved
Printed in the USA


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