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~ White Fudge Cookie Cutter Gifts ~

(optional***use chocolate ingredients if you wish)

1--12 oz bag white chips
1--16 oz can vanilla frosting
1/2 t cherry extract
Decorating frosting
colored sugar
nuts optional
metal cookie cutters**
(**shapes of your choice/may be holiday related)

Line large cookie sheet with foil. Spray for with
nonstick spray. Generously spray inside of metal
cookie cutters; place on cookie sheet lined with
foil. Melt chips in saucepan over medium heat
on stove; stir in frosting and extract. Fill
each cutter with 1/2 cup melted mixture. Refrigerate
2 hours, then decorate. Wrap each cookie cutter
gift in cellophane or plastic wrap; tie with
ribbon, homespun fabric or raffia. Keep stored
in the refrigerator.

Note~To loosen fudge, run a thin
bladed knife around fudge.
Makes 5 gifts.


Place several fudge filled cookie cutters
(varied shapes if desired) in a small gift
basket, lined with homespun fabric.
Add gift tag.

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